aerial image of a river


Elina Kasvi and Linnea Blåfield driving a research boat at a Finnish river
How are the snake-shaped meandering rivers changing? Academy Fellow Elina Kasvi will study the winding rivers of the world for the next four years.
What are meandering rivers, where are they found and how do they form? Most of us recognize the winding, slowly...
Zuosinan Chen from University of Oulu
What happens if the water intake of the billions of Finnish trees would change one day?
This spring we welcomed two new Research Council of Finland fellows in the Freshwater Competence Centre – last week we...
eroding river bank
Real-time data on eroding riverbanks is available now with new type of soil sensors – helping to build models for future river management
The freshwater scientists from Aalto university have recently started a fruitful cooperation with a Finnish company called Soil Scout, manufacturing...
River aerial and FWCC logo
Call: Water Competence Export – via FWCC project booster – check time in Doodle and join!
Project booster as service released by “Call: Water Competence Export” reply to our Doodle Interested? Please reply to (Teams +...
Pertti Ala-Aho from University of Oulu and Eliisa Lotsari from Aalto University looking happy after a successful seminar
Exploring unknown territories – hydrologists developing new concepts for modelling the Finnish water resources
Long gone are the days when hydrology science was done with waders, manually operated current meters and water sampling kits....
Frozen river
Research reveals what happens under the seemingly calm surface of river ice
Big news from this week is the joint Journal of Hydrology publication from Eliisa Lotsari (Aalto university) and Karoliina Lintunen,  Elina...
Summer trainee starting a rotating laser scanning device
Developing a rotating laser scanner for an Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV)
When the rest of Finland is on holidays, the summer trainees take over the research institutes! Here is one of...
Graphic about GeoAI and the various components of this concept. Illustration from the scientific publication.
What is GeoAI – and how can it help making exact science from something as inexact and complex as water flow in the environment?
In the opening words of their latest publication, the fluvial and hydrological scientists from University of Turku, University of Oulu...
aerial image of a river
Detailed and accurate 3D data with airborne laser scanning – also underwater
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Proficiency tests and interlaboratory comparisons – Proftest SYKE event coming up in Oct 12th 2022!
Proftest SYKE event coming up in Oct 12th 2022, registration open until Sep 14th Read the news in LinkedIn  
Funding for research infrastructure & green and digital transition
Hydrological Research Infrastructure Platform (HYDRO-RI) got its share of Academy of Finland’s funding for research infrastructures. Three-year funding granted to...
Over 20 new research topics in Hydrology for the next 2 years
The information obtained from the various hydrological research is useful, for example, in flow regulation, riverbank construction projects or river...