Three scientists in a forest collecting data.

A virtual version of reality, digital twin, makes decision-making and testing easier – come hear all about it at Geoforum Summit

Based on an article from the National Land Survey Of Finland- Read the full article here

Text & Image credit: National land Survey of Finland

A digital twin of basin areas, such as rivers or streams, is under development at National land Survey of Finland, and the Freshwater Competence Centre partner organisations. It would provide information on flow volume and water quality, among other things. The digital twin of streams is being developed in the Green-Digi-Basin project of the Freshwater Competence Centre.

‘The digital twin of streams requires a new kind of technology that is able to produce real-time information about fluvial environments. The Hydro-RI-Platform research infrastructure of the Freshwater Competence Centre aims to meet this challenge, and strives to acquire equipment in Finland that will enable obtaining sufficiently accurate and up-to-date data. We also recently received the news, that our long-term work with the digital disruption of hydrologic research will take an important step forwards when our new eight-year-long Digital Water (DIWA) flagship starts’ says Harri Kaartinen, research professor at the Finnish Geospatial Research Institute.

Come and hear how the digital twin of Finland is progressing!  Digital twins is the topic at the National Land Survey’s free seminar at the Geoforum Summit event on 31 October.  

More information and registration here  

Seminars 31 October.

10–10.45 Digital twins – Session 1: Digital Twin Finland concept as part of the Finnish Digital Compass (Heli Laaksonen)

10.00–12.00 noon Future of accurate positioning (Location Innovation Hub), free seminar


Bulletins 30 October

13.00–13.15 Juha Hyyppä, Forest Database, UNITE

14.15–14.30 Harri Kaartinen, Freshwater Competence Centre

You can also meet with the researchers at the NLS stand on Monday.

Hydro-RI-Platform and Green Digi Basin are funded by the European Union-NextGenerationEU