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Our Research Infrastructure is currently funded by European Union, through Academy of Finland project Hydro-RI-Platform

Our freshwater research infrastructure was presented to the public in October 2022 – see the video



Unmanned Surface Vehicles

Otter unmanned surface vehicle

Otter unmanned surface vehicle is part of the fleet of University of Turku. It can scan the riverbed with side scan sonar and navigate autonomously aided by LiDar sensors. It was purchased in 2022 within the Hydro RI Infrastructure project, funded by the Academy of Finland FIRI programme. Image: Heikki Hyyti/Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI


Unmanned surface vehicle Aalto University

The unmanned surface vehicle of Aalto University at the Vantaanjoki supersite. Image: Erik van Rooijen, Aalto University


Spinning LiDar sensor from FGI

LiDar sensor on a spinning platform, than can be mounted on the Unmanned Surface Vehicles to collect a point cloud of the river banks and surroundings. Image: Heikki Hyyti/Finnish Geospatial Research Institute FGI

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles