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Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any collaboration ideas or questions related to research, development, and innovation in hydrology!

Note: This site is under construction, some contacts may be missing from this list (21.5.2022)

Principal investigators

Petteri Alho Chairperson, Professor
Cintia Uvo
Cintia Uvo Research professor
Hannu Marttila
Hannu Marttila Assistant Professor
Eliisa Lotsari
Eliisa Lotsari Academy research fellow
Harri Kaartinen
Harri Kaartinen Research professor
Jari Silander Expert, Dr.
Anna-Kaisa Ronkanen Senior scientist, Dr.
Pertti Ala-Aho Docent
Elina Kasvi

Research team

Linnea Blåfield
Heikki Hyyti
Teemu Hakala
Karoliina Lintunen
Jutta Porkka
Aino Saarinen
Juha Oksanen Professor, director
Ville Mäkinen PhD, Research group leader
Tuure Takala Doctoral candidate
Juha-Matti Välimäki Doctoral Candidate
Erik van Rooijen Postdoctoral Researcher
Maria Kämäri Senior Research Scientist
Joonas Kahiluoto Researcher
Marie Korppoo Researcher
Mikko Huokuna Senior Engineer
Mikko Sane Development engineer
Joy Bhattacharjee Doctoral student
Olli Malve Leading researcher
Virpi Pajunen, Aalto yliopisto
Virpi Pajunen Postdoctoral researcher

Communication and interaction

Katri Haatainen Communication specialist
Annukka Pekkarinen
Annukka Pekkarinen Communication coordinator