Partners Agence Nationale de la Recherche (coordinator, 79 partners, 31 countries), Academy of Finland (national delegate), Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Water Europe, Brasil, South Africa etc

The aim of the Water4All Partnership is at enabling water security for all in the long term through boosting systemic transformations and changes across the entire research – water innovation pipeline, fostering the matchmaking between problem owners and solution providers.

  • Provision of knowledge, methodologies and tools for supporting water management and planning whilst enhancing the inclusion of citizens in decision-making processes, their empowerment, capacity-building, accountability and transparency.
  • Conservation, restoration, regeneration and best use of the natural functions of groundwater, surface water and dependent or associated ecosystems.
  • Demonstration, from pilot- to full-scale, and implementation of technical and non-technical solutions.
  • Support to European and international action plans and regulatory frameworks having an influence on water resources.
  • Support to efficient collaboration in RDI activities.
  • Enabling open access to water knowledge and web services.
Person in charge Jari Silander (SYKE)
Financiers Horizon Europe programme, project 101060874
Project is ongoing during 2022 – 2029
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