We are developing a concept called Green-Digi-Basin, funded by The European Union – NextGenerationEU through Academy of Finland and European Union RRF funding during 2022-2024

  • Green= Aiming to study the effects of climate and land-use changes to the river basins, nutrients, suspended matter and carbon loads, and study the greener, ecosystem-based solutions for managing the upcoming challenges.
  • Digi= aiming to create a digital twin of river basins, in particular three supersites (Vantaanjoki river, Oulanka River and Tana river), to develop next generation modeling research for fluvial environments in the context of water amount and quality.
  • Basin= Wide-ranging expertise from peatland & ground water hydrology to fluvial dynamics & state-of-the-art 3D mapping and modeling of the river basin and the catchment area.

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