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Water SRIA Consultative workshop in Helsinki April 17th 2024

17.04.2024 12:00 - 16:00

Helsinki, Pasila, room. Esteri – Scandic Pasila Maistraatinportti 3, 00240 Helsinki

Preliminary programme:
12.00      Lunch at free of charge
12:30      An overview of the objectives and goals of the SRIA
12.40      A review of current trends and challenges based on survey and literature review.
12:50      Pitches 1 min/org/problem & networking opportunities13:00      Thematic sessions
Preliminary survey
A discussion of potential research and innovation priorities, including input from stakeholders to ensure that the SRIA reflects the needs and interests of the wider community.
A review of existing research and innovation initiatives, both at the local and international level, to identify potential areas for collaboration and synergy.14:00      Coffee

14:20 Thematic sessions
Identify potential areas for collaboration and synergy. Clear action points and next steps for developing and implementing the SRIA.
Prioritizing research and innovation continue.
Objectives of SRIA

15:20 Results of thematic sessions
15:45 Closing words