Proftest SYKE event coming up in Oct 12th 2022, registration open until Sep 14th

12.10.2022 09:30 - 16:00

Our project partner SYKE is designated by the Ministry of the Environment of Finland as the national reference laboratory in the environmental field, whose main tasks include the organisation of proficiency tests. Their experience in organising comparisons has been accumulated since the 1960s.

What is a proficiency test?

Interlaboratory comparison and proficiency testing comprises a comparison, based on the evaluation of measurements of the same or similar items by two or more laboratories. It is a tool for laboratories to improve their operations, train the staff and get an external quality assessment of their performance.

How to get involved?

For more information and contact details, you can visit the Syke Proftest website in English.

Upcoming event

There is a Proftest training event coming up on October 12th 2022 at 12.15 pm for field operators. Please note, that this event is in Finnish, the program can be downloaded below. Registration is open until 14th September at SYKE training calendar. On the same day at the same location at 9.30 am, there is a proficiency comparison session for oxygen, temperature, pH, turbidity and conductivity measurements. Field operators can sign up here  until 14th September, to test their performance in the field. Participation fee is 350EUR+VAT 24% for results on one device, for additional devices 200EUR+VAT24%.

Luonnonvesien ja kenttamittausten luotettavuus ja naytteenoton uudet tuulet – Lataa tästä ohjelma (pdf) 12.10.2022

Kenttätoimijoiden vertailumittaus KMV 13-2022-lataa tästä Ilmoituskirje (pdf)


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