Freshwater Friday advertisement, Pulmanki river photo

Freshwater Friday 11.11.2022, 10-11am – Field measurements & modelling of water quality

11.11.2022 10:00 - 11:00

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We will have two presentations in this autumn webinar focusing on water quality measurements and modeling, by Marie Korppoo from Finnish Environment Institute and Danny Croghan from University of Oulu. Presentations are in English.

Marie Korppoo talks about VEMALA, a catchment scale nutrient and carbon loading model, its current status and further developments.

This presentation introduces the VEMALA model concepts as well as the nutrients and carbon processes that are going to be further developed and improved in FWCC research. The model integrates environmental data from various databases and terrestrial and aquatic physical, chemical and biological processes to simulate water quality on a daily time-step for all Finnish river basin.

Danny Croghan talks about continuous water quality measurement sensors and the work carried out at University of Oulu, at their Pallas & Oulanka research sites regarding measurement of DOC.