Environmental monitoring and water quality research in Finland & Sweden

08.02.2024 14:00 - 15:30

Talks about monitoring and research at Svartberget & Krycklan catchment study in Sweden and Freshwater Competence Centre supersites in Finland and Sweden, with speakers from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)

Programme CET (EET+1h)

13.00 (14.00)- Anna-Kaisa Ronkanen (SYKE) – Welcome and opening words

13.05 (14.05)- Hjalmar Laudon (SLU) – Short story of the Krycklan infrastructure

13.20 (14.20)- Eliza M Hasselquist (SLU) – Current research at the Trollberget sites

13.35 (14.35)- Lenka Kuglerova (SLU) – Experimental Channels at svartberget

13.50 – 14.00 (14.50-15.00): break

14.00 (15.00)- Maria Kämäri (SYKE) – Water quality and environmental data from the Vantaa river catchment

14.15 (15.15) – Joonas Kahiluoto (SYKE) – Continuous water quality measurements and uncertainty estimation


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